Caring Istructions

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle separately
  • Tumble dry low

How Often to Clean Handmade Quilts?

  • For any quilt, less washing is best to prevent fading. For a new quilt that you use on your bed every day, washing once per season should suffice unless you have pets or accidental stains. To freshen your quilts between washings, air them outside away from direct sunlight.

 How to Wash and Care for a Quilt the RIGHT Way:

  • Inspecting - Before washing your quilt, it’s smart to give it a little once-over to make sure there are no loose threads or stretched seams that need to be fixed before you begin the laundering process. Make any minor repairs you need to while your quilt is still nice and dry.


  • Machine Washing Instructions: Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle and choose cold water. I also recommend washing with a gentle detergent, such as this Fragrance-Free Fine Fabric Wash. f you are nervous about fabric dye bleeding, throw in a couple Shout Color Catchers or some Retayne. The Color Catchers literally catch dye that has bleed into the wash water. Retayne is a chemical that helps lock dye into the fabric. Read the packaging instructions before using it.


  • Machine Drying Instructions: Two very important words to remember here - LOW HEAT. Your quilt is delicate, so you will want to use low to no heat when drying it. To be safe, don't dry it all the way. Tumble dry it on low until it is damp, and then let it air dry.


  • The best place to store a quilt is on a bed. This is for real! Even if you’re not using the bed… or the quilt… storing quilts flat in a dry part of the house with a stable temperature is the way to go. You can cover it with another sheet or bedspread for protection, and then check on it from time to time. If you don’t happen to have a guest bed for your quilt, cotton or muslin bags are the best choice for storage (never use plastic or cardboard!) Make sure it’s clean before you put it away and take it out to get some air from time to time (maybe even let it sunbathe on the lawn for a while, if the weather’s good!)