The Artisans

Meet our Kantha Artisans

The ladies get paid anywhere from from $5.00-10.00 a quilt to do the kantha stitching. This is approx. 268-737 in rupees. The average median household earning for a professional in the city in India is approximately 32,840 rupees per month. (Source:
Quilt structure
The bottom of the quilt is a plain color. They match it to a a brightly colored top layer, and stitch the two layers together with kantha stitches. For additional warmth, they can add three layers with is cotton batting in the middle. 
It takes two -five days for one person depending on how many hours a day they work. Most of ladies finish their daily house chores in addition to doing quilting. If two-four ladies sit, they can finish in one day. Sometimes family members join.